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Birthday Candles

Birthday candles are small, decorative candles that are placed on a birthday cake. They are typically lit and placed on the cake as part of a birthday celebration. Birthday candles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made of wax and can be plain or decorated with patterns, glitter, or even shaped like numbers. Overall, birthday candles are a popular and festive tradition that adds joy and excitement to birthday celebrations.

Birthday 2 Color 10 Pc.jpg

Birthday Spiral

2 Color

  • Pcs. / Pack: 10

  • Diameter: 4.1 mm

  • Height: 59 mm

  • M.R.P.: Rs 20/-

  • Description: Two colour spiral candles

Birthday Candles 2 Color Spiral Bulk.jpg

Birthday Spiral

2 Color Bulk

  • Pcs. / Pack: 1300

  • Diameter: 4.1 mm

  • Height: 59 mm

  • M.R.P.: Rs 400/-

  • Description: Two colored spiral candles in a bulk pack.

Fish Candles Birthday Candles Birthday Number Fancy Two Colour Numbered Birthday Candles Mumbai Pune Goa Maharashtra Best Quality Good Superior Decorative Fancy Gifting

Birthday Numeral

  • Pcs. / Pack: 1

  • Diameter: 35 mm

  • Height: 65 mm

  • M.R.P.: Rs 20/-

  • Description: 2 Colour Birthday Number Candle

These are popularly known as cake candles, party candles, spiral candles, number candles, Chine Mini Candle, Candle by the kilo, Numeral Candles, Digit Candles, Numeric Candles, 2 colour spiral candle,

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